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cos i forgot to mention it... i very nearly made my target through commissions alone, but in the end i didn't even have to pay my own tuition fees because SAAS (the funds awards authority in scotland) came through for me!

i've been back for two weeks now and completed my first project... it's made a world of difference being back. i can feel the benefits of my health being decent for the first time, and i'm learning stuff and producing work i'm really happy with again! i've made some good friends in this new first year and i've got the benefit of all my friends in 2nd year and up. the work is great and i love DJCAD!

WOO, ART! Love 


Jules Valera
Ronan Keating once said, Life is a rollercoaster. He was wrong. Life is all good, all the time.

Student at DJCAD, climber of tiny mountains.

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    Happy Birthday, my dear...!  Hope yours was a good one!    :aww:
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HELLO. I saw the FMA art piece you did on your Snailtamer account, 'the other brother', and was wondering if you were still alright with someone writing a 'fic about it. I'm afraid I can largely only do traditional art, and even when I do I don't have anything to scan it to the internet with, but I do enjoy writing and that picture got my plot bunnies hopping. :3
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Thank you very much for the faves!)
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